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Interested in a Windrush Puppy?

Our puppies are well socialised and home raised with lots of love. When you purchase a Windrush puppy you will receive life-time support from us. All of our pups are placed with screened families. We want to place puppies with responsible, serious people who have researched what it means to raise a Golden. It is imperative to understand that a puppy is a life long commitment. Goldens were bred to hunt and retrieve so they will need moderate exercise daily. Goldens especially love the water! Owning a dog is a huge responsibility and adding one to your family is not something to take lightly.

Goldens are people oriented and all of our Goldens have very loving temperaments. They are playful, love to retrieve, and are great with kids. They are content to lay at your feet and are great snugglers. They love attention and are quick studies with a strong desire to please. Retrievers exel at sports such as flyball, obedience, and agility. They are happy-go-lucky dogs that have a non-stop tail.

Overall the Golden is a great companion dog, a great family dog, and an all around good friend. If you would like more information about how to get a Windrush Puppy please refer to the Home page for the contact information.

Bailey is expecting! We are hoping for some really great puppies, so if you are interested please contact us for more information!

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